Fayevorite Threaded Stud And Stemball

1/8″ Deck Cable Railing Kit System

This threaded terminal stud end and stemball swage are for 1/8″ cable deck railing. It is made with high quality T316 marine grade stainless steel.

Threaded terminal stud end is used as tensioner end and stemball swage is used as dead/fixed end.

Both ends requires hand or machine hydraulic swaging.

Model Number: HSS02

Material: T316 stainless steel, marine grade

Suitable Wire: 1/8″

Package Weight: 1.52 lb / 670 g

Threaded terminal stud end size: 1-7/8″ Thread Length, 3-7/8″ Overall Length

Stemball swage size: 1-1/2″ Overall length, Head Diameter: 25/64″

Hole to Drill: 1/4″

20 pack include 20 pcs threaded terminal stud ends and 20 pcs Stemball Swages
50 pack include 50 pcs threaded terminal stud ends and 50 pcs Stemball Swages

20 pack
50 pack