Are the cable railing kit DIY friendly?

Are the cable railing kit DIY friendly

All of Fayevorite’s cable railing kits are DIY friendly. And in fact, in terms of results, Fayevorite railing kits are among the best cable railing kits available.

Over the years, many homeowners have built their own beautiful modern style cable deck railings and cable stair railings using Fayevorite’s cable railing kits.

Easy to install

With Fayevorite cable railing, you only need a few tools to do all the work.

These tools include:

  • Power drill

We recommend a cordless drill so you can operate out of the distance

cordless drill
  • Cable crimper

We recommend the hydraulic cable crimper for less effort when crimping the sleeve and for a more secure fixation of the cable.

Hydraulic Cable Crimper
  • Stainless steel wire rope cutter
fayevorite 8" wire rope cutter
  • Multi-angle drill guide

For guiding the drill bit vertically into the wood post. This tool is not required if you choose a pre-drilled metal post.

Multi-Angle Drill Guide
  • Chainsaw (optional)

If there is still a protruding part of the threaded terminal stud after fixing the cable, you can use a chainsaw to cut it.

mini chainsaw

Once the materials/tools are complete and the posts are installed, the user can complete the installation of a 60 foot cable railing in only 5-7 hours.

We are also happy to listen to feedback and improve our product.

For example, a user commented that when he accidentally drilled the end post hole too large, it affected the installation of the stemball. He had to install a extra washer.

Then when we received this feedback and immediately added the same amount of stainless steel flat washer to all stemballs for free.

The good interaction with our customers has prompted us to keep thinking about how to provide the best service and convenient operation.

Today, all of our cable railing kits are available on amazon. And delivered to you with great speed.

We are happy to be part of your process of building a better life.

Fayevorite offers you high quality cable railing kits.

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