Tools needed to install the cable railing kit

tools to install cable railing kit

The Fayevorite 1/8-inch cable railing kit is very easy to install. You only need a few tools to complete the cable railing.

These tools are as follows.

The purpose of the Hydraulic Cable Crimper is to crimp the cable into the cable railing kit.

Because the cable railing kit is made of strong T316 stainless steel, if you use a normal crimping tool, it will require a lot of force to operate.

With a hydraulic crimping tool, however, only a small amount of force is required to make a nice crimp.

Please remember to crimp twice to ensure a firm crimp.

To cut 1/8″ steel rope, you need to use at least 8″ wire rope cutter. It requires a bit of force, but it is not particularly difficult.

You can also choose the larger 12″ wire rope cutter, that will take a little less effort. The price will be more expensive than 8″ steel rope cutter.

This jig can let you drill a beautiful straight hole in the column without worrying about drilling crooked.

Cordless drill is used to drill holes in the column. Usually 1/8″ cable needs to be drilled with a 1/4″ drill bit.

The chainsaw is to cut off the excess part of the threaded terminal stud after fixing the steel rope. It is not necessary.

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