Customer reviews obtained for stemball swages in November 2021

fayevorite cable railingkit - stemball swages

—-Amazon Customer

This is a recent review we received from users of fayevorite stemball swages.

The fayevorite stemball swages are made of high quality T316 stainless steel and are suitable for use as a terminal fixing for cable rails.

The flat head design is more simple and beautiful. Whether it is paired with metal posts or wooden posts, it will complement each other.

The stemball is very easy to operate, simply press the stainless steel rope firmly with the sleeve of the stemball using hydraulic pliers to complete the installation.

Working with the threaded stud perfectly secures the steel rope railing and the cable railing tension can be adjusted at any time at the threaded stud end.

Fayevorite cable railing kit helps you to build beautiful modern cable deck/stair railing.

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