DIY cable deck/stair railing for beginners 1 - Know about Cable Railing

DIY cable railing for beginners 1 - Know about Cable Railing

What is cable railing?

Cable railing is a part of metal or wood railing replaced by stainless steel cable. The ends of the cable are secured to the posts at the ends (or top and bottom) of the railing using a cable railing kit.

Are the cable railing safe?

Perhaps the biggest safety concern regarding cable guards is the “ladder effect”. However, after extensive research, it has been found that the accident rate for children from climbing is much lower than the accident rate for them falling off furniture.
In fact, children can easily leap over the top of a railing, whether it is a traditional railing or a modern cable railing, by moving a chair/stool to the edge of the railing.
So as of 2001, the International Code Commission (ICC) removed this “ladder law” restriction from the International Residential Code (IRC).
It is also since then that cable railings have gradually become popular in home improvement.
Cable railings built to the standards of the International Residential Code are now considered safe enough.

Are cable railings cheaper than wood and metal?

The cost of cable railing is much cheaper than wood and metal railing due to the large number of balusters that need to be replaced.
As an example, using fayevorite’s 1/8″ cable railing kit and wire rope, the material cost for 20 feet of cable railing is.
200 feet of 1/8″ stainless steel wire rope $50
10 pairs of fayevorite threaded nails and stemballs $20
Total cost is approximately $70. (Includes cable railing kit and stainless steel wire rope only, not includes posts and handrails)
Equivalent to $3.50 per foot.
And with wood railing, it costs about $30 for a foot of wood balusters and about $15 for a foot of metal balusters.

Pros/Cons of cable railings.

  • Pros: easy maintenance, low cost, beautiful style, DIY friendly.
  • Cons: may not be child friendly.

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