How to Install Cable arround Stair Corner in a Cable Railing System

At the corner of stairs, there are two scenarios:

Single post

If the corner rail is designed to place only one post, then the cable cannot penetrate this post. All cables to this heel post terminate. One side of the cable extends out from one side of the corner and the other side extends out from the other side. These two sides of the cable can not intersect inside the post, usually we will stagger them 1/2 inch. Both cables are pulled tight by cable stairs railing kit.

Double posts

If the corner rail is designed with two posts, the cable can pass through both posts without any offset, so the cable remains in the same plane as it turns the corner. It is best to use stainless steel cable sleeves protectors on the cable holes of the posts to protect the cables from biting the wood when they are pulled tight. This way we only need to use the cable stairs railing kit at the two side ends of the posts to pull the cables tight.

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