Video review for fayevorite cable railing kit

“Instead of the tedious job of washing and staining the old deck railing, I decided to upgrade to stainless cables, and document the process of DIYing the cable rail using the least expensive, but still good quality hardware.”

——–Youtube channel — engineerable

Youtube channel engineerable just finished his cable railing project with Fayevorite 1/8″ stainless steel threaded stud terminal ends and Fayevorite 1/8″ stainless steel stemballs swages. He made a video review for cable railing kit and tools. He also introduced how to install cable railing kit. It is great. The video is fantasic.

“Part 1 in my series on installing stainless cable deck railing on the cheap.

This is the stainless cable deck railing hardware that I purchased. This was the cheapest price that I could find and appears to be the same quality as the hardware sold by other brands on Amazon.

$219.77 for 1000 Ft 1/8″ 1×19 Cable Rail Korean Made Wire Stainless Steel 316

$96.99 for 100 Pack Stainless Steel Threaded Terminal Tension Stud End for 1/8 Cable

$98.99 for 100 Pack Stainless Steel Stemball Cable Dead End for 1/8 Cable

Total Cost for hardware was only $415.75 which is $1000’s less than buying from cable railing retailers. The main savings are the cable terminals. Cable railing retailers sell their terminal sets at prices upwards of $10-$15 a pair. The ones I bought cost less than $2 a pair. That adds up quickly when you have a lot of deck corners that weren’t designed for cable railing, and therefore need to terminate the cables at each corner.”

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Part 1: THE MATERIALS – Cable Threaded Terminal Stemball End
Part 2: : CRIMPING CABLE The Easy Way
Part 3: Save Time & Drill Perfect Straight Holes in Posts
Part 4: INSTALLATION – Running the cables through the posts