“Nice detail on wood posts —— We used these on every wood cable going through a wood post – even on the angled pieces around stairs. On the stairs, we also added angled washers. While it may not have been necessary just to protect the wood, they add a nice, clean look and help hide some imperfections when you make small mistakes around drilling the holes.”


Customer Pat just finished his cable railing project with Fayevorite 1/8″ grommets/protector sleeves. Pat use grommets to protect wood post bitten by wire rope.

On the stair rainling post, we can see from photo that he use angled washers with grommets, nice work.

Fayevorite 1/8″ stainless steel grommets/protector sleeves made by T316 marine grade stainless steel. It’s for 1/8″ wire rope go through and protect the wood post.

Also it makes your work looks lean and modern style.

Click here for more information about Fayevorite 1/8″ stainless steel wire rope.

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